Monthlog 06: April 2020

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This is the 06 installment in my 'Monthlog' - a public list of blog posts, announcements, videos, podcasts, software and libraries that catch my attention each month. I hope that regular readers will skim through the listings and find one, or multiple, things that pique their interest.

I didn't do a good job with the monthlog this time. Expect a more thorough monthlog in future.

Note: Posts are not ordered in any particular way. If you find an article you think I might like, send it to me via one of the messaging channels on my homepage.





Software and Libraries

  • Dirscan - 'A high performance tool for summarizing large directories or drives.' Scan large, possibly networked, directories. Can report the largest files, smallest files, or some other kind of query. Written in Rust.

  • Zoxide - 'A faster way to navigate your filesystem.' Like other fast navigation systems including z, Zoxide allows for quick navigation of frequently visited directories. Written in Rust so it's significantly faster than many of the existing shell script only solutions.

  • Niv - 'Easy dependency management for Nix projects.' I've started using Niv alongside Lorri for my local Nix development. Niv's most basic feature is simplifying the Nix pinning mechanism and making it easier to roll forward to a new nixpkgs-unstable and rollback if there is an issue. Expect a blog post soon.

Recommended Sources to Follow

Below are a few media sources and voices I follow.




  • The Changelog: 'Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development.'
  • Software Engineering Daily: Daily conversations covering anything Software Development related.
  • Linux Unplugged: A Jupiter Broadcasting show. Relaxed, focused on Linux but touches on all things Unix and Open Source.
  • Invest Like the Best: Finance and investing podcast often featuring Crypto.
  • Y Combinator: Conversations with Y Combinator founders.
  • Into the Ether: 'Focusing on all things Ethereum, the leading blockchain for decentralized applications.'