Monthlog 08: June 2020

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This is the 08 installment in my 'Monthlog' - a public list of blog posts, announcements, videos, podcasts, software, and libraries that catch my attention each month. I hope that regular readers will skim through the listings and find one, or multiple, things that pique their interest.

Note: Posts are not ordered in any particular way. If you find an article you think I might like, send it to me via one of the channels on my homepage.



  • Ask HN: What do you self-host? - I self host a few things, including a Bitwarden_rs instance. It's always interesting to see what others self-host, and also the incredible range of open-source software that exists for different niches.

Software and Libraries

  • Zettlr - Last month I mentioned Obsidian, an alternative to Roam Research. Zettlr follows in the same vein and is an open-source markdown editor and knowledge base. I'm interested to see how this develops.

Recommended Sources to Follow

Below are a few media sources and voices I follow.




  • The Changelog: 'Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development.'
  • Software Engineering Daily: Daily conversations covering anything Software Development related.
  • Linux Unplugged: A Jupiter Broadcasting show. Relaxed, focused on Linux but touches on all things Unix and Open Source.
  • Invest Like the Best: Finance and investing podcast often featuring Crypto.
  • Y Combinator: Conversations with Y Combinator founders.
  • Into the Ether: 'Focusing on all things Ethereum, the leading blockchain for decentralized applications.'