Monthlog 09: July 2020

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This is the 09 installment in my 'Monthlog' - a public list of blog posts, announcements, videos, podcasts, software, and libraries that catch my attention each month. I hope that regular readers will skim through the listings and find one, or multiple, things that pique their interest.

Note: Posts are not ordered in any particular way. If you find an article you think I might like, send it to me via one of the channels on my homepage.



  • Ask HN: What are some good resources to learn business administration/finance? - I'm always interested to learn more about business and finance. There are some great recommendations here that mesh the worlds of software, startups, and business administration.

  • r/btrfs: Benchmark of BTRFS decompression - More file system stuff. Interestingly, these benchmarks show a sweet spot for read speeds at certain compression ratios. At some ratios, in this case zstd:11, reads are faster than at higher and lower ratios. This is due to the balance between read speed off of disks and the speed at which the data can be decompressed.

Recommended Sources to Follow

Below are a few media sources and voices I follow.




  • The Changelog: 'Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development.'
  • Software Engineering Daily: Daily conversations covering anything Software Development related.
  • Linux Unplugged: A Jupiter Broadcasting show. Relaxed, focused on Linux but touches on all things Unix and Open Source.
  • Invest Like the Best: Finance and investing podcast often featuring Crypto.
  • Y Combinator: Conversations with Y Combinator founders.
  • Into the Ether: 'Focusing on all things Ethereum, the leading blockchain for decentralized applications.'