Monthlog 11: September 2020

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This is the 11 installment in my 'Monthlog' - a public list of blog posts, announcements, videos, podcasts, software, and libraries that catch my attention each month. I hope that regular readers will skim through the listings and find one, or multiple, things that pique their interest.

Note: Posts are not ordered in any particular way. If you find an article you think I might like, send it to me via one of the channels on my homepage.


  • How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations - I've been doing a bit of UI design this month, and looking into color theory as a part of this. If you're into data visualization this will definitely appeal. Discussion on HN

  • Raph Levins: The stack monoid - This article covers how a fundamentally sequential and non-parallel algorithm can be broken down into a monoid function that can be run in parallel. Discussion on HN

  • Nixos Flakes Series - As a Nix user, the development of Flakes is an exciting change coming on the horizon. This series is a good first introduction to the concept of Flakes and how to use them.

  • The Hidden Cost of Constantly Shipping New Things - This article outlines some of the pitfalls of trying to deliver too much without taking a high-level view of what you're building and how existing parts of your product may be improved. Two of the main difficulties outlined, 'No Decision Paper Trail' and 'Insufficient Iteration', seem particularly relevant to projects I've worked on in the past. Discussion on HN

  • Marc Andreessen On Productivity, Scheduling, Reading Habits, Work, and More - Knowing how some of the world's most successful individuals achieve productivity can be very enlightening. I took a lot away from this interview-style article, in particular, I think the emphasis on protecting 'open time' is well-founded. Discussion on HN

  • Erik Torenberg: Build Personal Moats - Building a 'personal moat' is a new concept to me, but it seems like a valid idea. Somewhat tangentially I really enjoyed being introduced to the Japanese concept of Ikigai: the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, and what the world needs.

  • Daniel Miessler: No, Moving Your SSH Port Isn’t Security by Obscurity - People often claim that moving the SSH port of a server is 'security by obscurity'. This article does a great job of explaining why that's not the truth and explaining what 'security by obscurity' actually is. Discussion on HN

  • How To Take Meeting Notes - Trying to improve the quality and quantity of information I can remember following a conversation with someone has been a goal of mine for a while. This article provides a few systems that can be used to improve the way in which you take notes and ultimately remember a meeting.


Recommended Sources to Follow

Below are a few media sources and voices I follow.




  • The Changelog: 'Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development.'
  • Software Engineering Daily: Daily conversations covering anything Software Development related.
  • Linux Unplugged: A Jupiter Broadcasting show. Relaxed, focused on Linux but touches on all things Unix and Open Source.
  • Invest Like the Best: Finance and investing podcast often featuring Crypto.
  • Y Combinator: Conversations with Y Combinator founders.
  • Into the Ether: 'Focusing on all things Ethereum, the leading blockchain for decentralized applications.'